"I woke to the deep and mysterious sound of Howler monkeys, had breakfast to the sight of Spider monkeys at play and “hung-out” with a sloth in the afternoon. And did I mention the Tucan!!"

Ann S., London, England – Event Guest

Manuel Antonio Wildlife at the Villa

Manuel Antonio redefines nature…

So close, yet so far away from any Manuel Antonio vacation rentals or anything at all, Costa Rica’s most pristine as well as lush national park was founded and preserved in 1972. It is one of the most richly bio-diverse areas of the country. Unlike the arid north of Costa Rica (Guanacaste), there is an ever-green and ever-colorful flora and fauna in Manuel Antonio all year long.

For many, the natural park’s main attraction is its three pristine white sand beaches. Gentle waves, verdant hiking trails and abundant wildlife make the Manuel Antonio National Park among the world’s best!

Manuel Antonio National Park near the villa

Over 300 species have been discovered at the park, including 109 species of mammals and 184 birds. In the park, it is likely you will see white faced monkeys (Cebus capucinus), howler monkeys (Alouatta palliata), two- and three-toed sloths (Bradypus variegatus), coaties
(Nasua narica), tapirs (Tapirus bairdii) and a wealth of tropical birds . Humpback whales and dolphins can also be spotted along the islands mainly from December through May during their migration to breeding areas off the California coast

The flora and fauna found in Manuel Antonio is just amazing. A few hours here and you will think you are in a dream!
A Monkey at Punto de Vista

Unbeatable Scenery: Manuel Antonio is second to none with it’s lush green jungle and abundant wildlife all year long.

Manuel Antonio Canopy Zipline Tour Manuel Antonio Canopy Zipline Tour Manuel Antonio Canopy Zipline Tour

Manuel Antonio redefines fun!

From fine dining and spa time to adventure tours and down time, Manuel Antonio has it all! Below, a list of just a few things to do while on holiday in Manuel Antonio. All these can be booked in advance with the rental of the Manuel Antonio villa or booked on-site by your butler/concierge.

  • · Titi Canopy
  • · ATV Tours
  • · Mangrove Tours
  • · Sportfishing
  • · Mountain Bike
  • · River rafting
  • · Horse back riding
  • · Bird Watching
  • · Rainmaker
  • · Surfing
  • · Diving Tours
  • · Sunset Sails Tours
  • · Nature Farm
  • · Golf Tour
  • · Canyoning Tour
  • · Damas Caves
  • · Jet Ski Tour
  • · Spices Tour

Ask about our customized luxury tours and activities where we can add the Punto de Vista touch! The butler and chef of your private Manuel Antonio villa can arrange an elegant or casual beach party for 20 or a romantic gourmet meal for two on the beach at sunset! Other options include private yacht or sailboat charter as well as a speedboat that can take our guests for a full round of golf at the world famous Costa Rica Los Sueños golf resort and back all in a day’s time!

Manuel Antonio vacation rentals have been redefined. At Punto de Vista, we tend to the individual needs and desires of each guest and see to it that you get the very most out of your experience with us

"I had a great time in an idyllic location."

Samit G., Austin, TX - Wedding Guest

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